The One with the Anniversary

A little over three years ago I graduated college. I applied multiple times at the same company for different jobs and got denied every time. I remember it being an extremely disheartening experience but I mustered the energy to keep trying and eventually found a job elsewhere.

Fast forward two years and a friend continually encouraged me to apply for yet another open position at that same company. I don't know what motivated me more: my friend pushing me or getting my friend to stop. Shout out to you, Plucky Pluck! ;) Anywayyy I applied. This time just felt different. I had grown. The company had grown. And they were looking for someone specific ā€“ maybe me? 

Within three weeks I whipped up a portfolio, submitted a project and was invited for a final interview ā€“ a panel with four current employees. I thought I crushed the interview to be honest but I did have one of those moments where you just lay out the worst possible outcome to yourself and say, "You could still be denied. And if you do you'll jump out of this moving car."

Totally kidding about that car part. It was more like "And if you do you'll get over it and keep growing."

On my way home for Thanksgiving, that car broke down. I was stopped on the side of the highway literally with my head under the hood on the phone with my brother.

Hold on, I have a call on the other line.
Hi Brandi, this is Courtney Rodgers from Hudl. I'm calling about the marketing designer position and wanted to ask if you'd accept our offer?

And it's been a whirlwind ever since.

I've never felt more appreciated or undeserving of a job in my life. I'm not an employee, I'm a friend, family member, and team member. I'm challenged, I'm energized and I'm valued. I hear things like, "If you ever leave us, I'll cry." And things like, "When you leave Hudl, I hope you go somewhere fulfilling." They value me as a co-worker but also know high-performers (like those hired at Hudl) rarely stay at one career forever.

I've worked on small logo projects and big brand proposals. I've worked on confidential material for a team of 20 and public material for a 1,000+ attendee event. I've traveled to Vegas, Salt Lake City AND just the shop downstairs for cookie blender or the shop across the street for coffee. I've made new friends and said goodbye to some old (because they moved, not because we're not friends). And I've constantly been challenged to think harder, speak louder and yet listen more.

A very respected friend and co-worker who also started with me this day one year ago shared, "Not since [10 years ago] have I learned so much in a single year. 366 days later, Iā€™m excited as ever about solving interesting challenges with incredible people."

And to that I say, cheers ā€” to Hudl, to the awesome people it introduced me to, and to another year of working smarter together.

I guess to bring it full circle, it's all worth it. Keep applying yourself, keep trying after getting denied, and keep believing that you're worth something greater. Because someday you'll be recognized for it.

Today at Hudl I spent 4 hours studying myself in a management workshop. Where do I spend my energy? What deflates me? How do I show up every day at work, at home, and in my relationships? Am I giving it my all? And am I trying as hard as I was exactly one year ago?

Geez, so many questions. Who wants to grab a beer?

P.S. For those that are wondering, my broken car never recovered.

Brandi Arnold