The One with the Grey Hairs

So there I was, blowdrying my hair for a hip and happenin' night on the town – going out with the youths as a 26-year-old because I can still be cool. And then I saw it: my first grey hair. And then another. And then a whole collection of them! 

I immediately put down the blowdryer and stormed out to Kip on the couch. He said, "What? What am I looking at? You have a headache? Why are you pointing at your head?" What a life-changing moment. I'm actually aging. I mean, I kind of knew it because I'm having to be more careful about where I put my makeup or how I rub it in (re: makeup stuck in my under-eye wrinkles) but this was a whole new revelation.

No, I didn't pluck them because the internet tells me plucking one makes 5 grow in its place and we all know the internet never lies.

After going out with the youths like we planned and coming home with the elderly before 10 p.m. I started gathering my thoughts on aging. What had I accomplished on my bucket list? Where is my bucket list? Oh gosh, have I even lived?? (Insert drama here.)

So I started digging. 

I now realize as an 18-year-old I had zero scope of what the world needs in a self-sufficient hardworking woman's lifetime and focused more on what I thought I desperately needed: travel, boys, and heart-racing adventure.

The good news? I still need those. But I need to do more. And I've actually done some things!

There's still so many things I want to do in life. This doesn't even begin to graze the list of places I want to visit, people I want to help, and humans (or dogs) I want to raise. Let this be the beginning of something great.

With the New Year comes new goals and this year I'd like to focus on goals that have measurable results. We talk about that buzz phrase a lot at work, but I think it's a great process to reach all goals. Heck, 90% of the reason I didn't cross off these other list items is because I didn't own a passport until this year.

What have you done? Have you written your bucket list or 2017 goals? Maybe this year you'll revisit what you want to do "when you grow up."

In 2016 you got your passport. Maybe in 2017, you'll use it.

Brandi Arnold