The One Year Reflection

You knew it was coming, right? Kip and I celebrated our one year anniversary on May 28 and I'm still beaming remembering how special our wedding day was. The anticipation for months, the butterflies that morning, and the feeling of exhaustion as we laid our heads down that night. We have a lot to learn yet, but there's a couple things I often think about that we've learned in this one year together.



It's still about the people.

You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You're also supported, helped and encouraged by those same people. One of our fears getting married was that we'd become a boring old married couple and never see our friends again. But now I think we spend more time with our friends than we did before. We make it a point to have boys' night, girls' night, and to invite people over as often as we can. I can't imagine it any better way.



Video matters.

I often hear engaged couples debating whether they should pay for a videographer on their big day or not. We were one of those — will we ever really watch it? Is it worth the money?

Yes. For sure. We watch our video often and still laugh (and cry) at all the little details. There's so many things I would've forgotten about without it.

  • The weather — it was so gorgeous though we worried for months about rain.
  • My dad's reference to the importance of people in his speech.
  • The sound of Kip saying "girrrls" in his vows.
  • The way my mom brushes my hair behind my shoulder while getting dressed.
  • The laughhhhhs — so so many.

And then there's the moments I never even knew happened until I saw the video:

  • Daniel and Alex (photographer and videographer) playing around throughout the whole day.
  • The boys getting ready — tying his tie, retying his tie and doing it yet again.
  • The dancinggg — y'all got moves.

It's worth it people. Invest. And if you want a referral, I know some good people



Fights are worth the effort for the outcome.

Kip and I are stubborn. And we're often right — even when we're wrong. Catch my drift? We bicker often. And sometimes that bicker turns into a full-fledged fight. You read about good Christian couples that pray before they fight. "Be quick to listen ... and slow to become angry." But it's not that easy.

It's even harder when all you see and show on social media is the good things. No one wants to hear about how we fought about stupid things like him wearing headphones when I'm trying to talk to him. But they happen and we're only better for it.

When you live with roommates, there's things that drive you bonkers but you never bring it up because it's not worth it. You don't know how they'll take it and you don't want to ruin a friendship over something stupid like putting shoes away. When you're married to your roommate, you're invested for the long haul. If I don't tell Ty that the way he folds towels is wrong, he'll never know and I'll always be bothered. It's silly and ridiculous, but it's real.

And as far as I know it only gets harder. Or better? Probably both. But it's all worth it.

Happy one year, darling.

Brandi Arnold