The One with the Slow Down

Do you ever walk in a room only to forget why you went in there? Me too.

It's not because I'm forgetful or easily distracted. It's because I can't slow down. My brain is going one million miles per hour at all times. Just now I was looking at pictures on our digital frame and reached to grab the flash drive to add more. But then I saw a tape measure and remembered I want to measure a section of our guest room to see if a desk will fit. Then I thought first I should grab a glass of wine and put some music on. As I walked to the kitchen I saw my computer and finally remembered all I've wanted to do today is write words.

Wow, are you lost? Me too. Welcome to my every day.

But it keeps me motivated and hungry. I'm always pushing to have a great impact at work. To listen better in my relationships. To show more grace in my marriage. All while thinking how many things I want to buy and places I want to go and goals I want to reach and... you get the picture.

For much of my adult life I've wanted to write a blog. I wanted to write only about God, but then I worried I'd offend non-believers. I wanted to motivate people using my marriage as a model, but then I put too much pressure on myself.

I've come to realize the blogs I love most are random. They're fun and deep and inspiring and at some points lost. They include pictures of real life. They're vulnerable and talk through the messy nights when all you enjoy for dinner is ice cream and beer. That's what makes them good.

I think books, articles and blogs that resonate with us are the ones we relate to. The ones that make you say, "Oh my gosh, I do that too!"

If we're lucky, this blog will survive because I've had that moment of realization and maybe you can relate. Now about that wine, music and tape measure.

Brandi ArnoldComment