The One with the Mullers


It's no secret I love photos.

In middle school I bought disposable cameras for everything, even gym class. In high school I got my first digital camera for Christmas. Aaand every year after that I got a new one because I'd use the previous one so much it'd break. I scrapbooked and printed every single photo so if my hard drive crashed, I'd still have my memories. I was always behind the camera and I never missed an opportunity for a good shot.

Then I met Ty – like officially met him, not just look at him on Facebook. He watched cartoons before bed. He could make me laugh at stupid things that aren't funny to others. And he was the first guy I knew who loved photos. He had a Canon Rebel T1i at the time and he carried it everywhere. He took pictures of his family when they weren't looking and he did it all for the love of the shot – so he could hold on to those moments a little longer. He was always behind the camera, never really getting that one shot of himself that he wished he had.

Then we got engaged and so began the hunt to find a photographer. One who could capture the moments we wanted to hold near. Someone we could trust, who didn't force us to be something we weren't, and who loved people and photos as much as we did.

Have you ever met someone and without even meaning to, they've changed your life almost at first introduction? They have that zest for life that makes you want to be and do more than you dreamed. And they make you do crazy things like fly to Denver and drive to Estes just to take a couple photos and fly back home.

Lauren and Daniel Muller are those people for Ty and I. They love others so well that we can't help but feel like we've known them for a lifetime. I learned something from Daniel yesterday during our time together – and it wasn't only about photography.

Love well, be nice, and keep laughing. Don't compare yourself to others. Don't try to keep up with the Jones's. Be you and do things that challenge you. Love strangers. And trust that everything else will fall into place.

Even if you fly United basic economy and they lose your bag on the way home and that bag held your car keys.

Thanks for everything, Mullers. You do more for us than you'll ever know. ♥️

Brandi Arnold