The Nerdy One


I joined a sorority better known for its grade point averages than its theme parties so you probably could've seen this coming. I'm in a book club.

Mallory once told me I've become the quintessential soccer mom, minus the kids and minivan thing. I do yoga on the weekends, followed by coffee from the Mill and a Target run just to peruse the aisles of all their goodies. I go to bed no later than 10 PM. And I read books for fun to discuss with my equally nerdy friends.

I love every second. There's wine involved. We have a process for choosing books and an order for who hosts next.

 As I write this out I realize just how ridiculous this sounds.

"Read more" has been a list item on my New Year Resolutions for quite some time now. But I'm a deadline-driven person. I don't do things unless there's a looming deadline probably 24 hours away. And in the last 4 months I've read 4 books! That's 4 more than I read last year or the 4 years before that. I'm also broadening my scope of reading from romance and self-help to mystery and comedy.

Best of all, I'm learning so much more about my friends. There's something gratifying to my heart hearing my best gals debate how they felt about something and open the discussion to how it connects to this piece of them I never knew existed. Not to mention you get to passionately talk to people about what you just read without worrying about spoiling the ending.

In summary, I love book club. You should start one. Or join ours, it's the best. 

Brandi Arnold