The One at the Coffee Shop


I love local coffee shops. Sure I could make it myself at home and save umpteen dollars each week, but there's something so special about spending a few extra bucks to support a local business while enjoying the community that comes with it.

I usually work from the Mill on the weekends when I'm navigating my second gig, stationery design. And it's on these days that I realize how much the Lincoln community means to me. You go to work for two or three hours and see a handful of people you know from all different periods of your life — an old friend from high school, a sorority sister, a local business owner, co-workers, clients, the list goes on and on.

There's something special about Lincoln. I love the anonymity it gives me to go around town and not see anyone I know and yet it gives me a familiar face just often enough to feel warm and remembered.

Sometimes while Ty's golfing with the boys I drive around town visiting all my favorite local shops just to browse and chat with the shop owners. I love Target, but I don't get to chat with the owner when I'm there. Angela always makes a point to chat with me and catch up when I visit Goldenrod Pastries. The owners of The Mill have 3 locations in Lincoln now (soon to be 4) and are still excited to talk with me about how they're doing and what they're doing next. Zipline Brewery creates my favorite beers and hosts Sandy with Bottoms Up Yoga every other Sunday — talk about two great things under one roof. And don't get me started on Paper Kite, they have the cutest kids clothes and stationery. I could buy every notebook in there if Ty wouldn't judge me for it. Aaand I haven't visited Cooper & Co. though I'm dying to go.

I love that Lincoln loves local. People like Wyn Wiley open up collaborate workspaces like The Studio LNK just because he wants to foster a community. And The Bay was really the starting point for that idea. They wanted to create change in an under-appreciated part of town and so they did — with love and open doors. 

People often talk about the big success stories like my employer, Hudl, as being the only places creating change. But there's small stories creating big change everyday in Lincoln, Nebraska. And I love both, the big and the small making our home a better home for everyone.

Brandi ArnoldComment