The One Buying a Home


We bought a home! Just kidding. I wish I could say that right about now, but we're just beginning. 

It's so overwhelming, how does everyone do it? I know our money situation and financial security and monthly payments. I know where we want to be in town and what kind of home we want to buy. And I know they exist because I've seen them pop up online within the last year. But where are they?

It's probably our fault — we're aiming to buy in the winter which is great for list prices, but horrible for homes actually being listed. It makes sense, why would you post your home for sale around Christmas when you could end up being forced to move while trying to celebrate the holidays with all the travel, gifts, and decor involved.

I'm just so anxious. I want it now, but I don't want to pay the terms of our current lease and a mortgage at the same time. I want to pick a house that probably needs work and make it a home, but I also don't want to settle and pick a home just because I feel like I have to move quickly. I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka:


Basically I'm being super needy and dramatic, anyone else?

I know a few things for certain — and we're willing to budge. But if you see something become available or know someone who's looking to move between now and March, let me know! I'd love a referral from a trusted friend. That is all.

Nice to haves

  • decent kitchen
  • dining table area
  • quirky but charming — like a loft, built-in bookshelf, basement bar or the likes
  • entry area that doesn't just hop from door to living room without room to gather

Must haves

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • finished basement
  • fenced in yard
  • 2 car garage
Brandi ArnoldComment