The One with the Failed Blog

Yesterday I was rambling on about the tragic event of dropping my phone in the toilet when a coworker stopped me and asked, "Hey are you still blogging? You should blog about that."

Oh crap (no punny toilet joke intended). "I'm going to blog once a week," I proudly said in January.

Trump might as well be here to say it himself.

Trump might as well be here to say it himself.

I trailed off as I responded, as if there was a excuse for failure and by golly I was digging to think of one, but the only real reason is I just stopped. Sometimes when I'm out with friends or sipping my coffee or lying awake at night I get what I consider to be a great idea for a blog. So I write down the title. And then never revisit it. There's approximately 25 drafts on my site with nothing in them aside from a title.

So I'm back. One Trump GIF is probably all this post can handle. I'll share the story of my toilet phone another time. 👋

Brandi Arnold