The One with the Little Guy

Have you ever loved something or someone so much it hurts? Like you literally get a mix of anxiety and heartburn when you look at a picture of them? I have. And it started last Friday when we picked up our little puppers, Finn.

We drove to Kansas City to pick up our dood and as we rounded the corner to the breeder's home Ty said, "Man, I'm really nervous." I thought he was pathetic for a second and then I got raging heartburn that I can only blame on the dog. We both lived our whole lives with pups in the house. We loved and adored them but they were never our full responsibility. It was never our job to clean up the mess if they had an accident. Never our fault if they ate something they weren't suppose to. And never our voice we wanted them to respond to.

When we took him for his first vet appointment the nurse and doctor both asked with endearing eyes, "First dog, huh?" Our million questions must've made it obvious. Is it bad if he's not eating? Can he have flea and tick medication yet? When should we get him neutered? Is it possible for dogs to have peanut allergies? Is it bad if I sleep next to his kennel when he cries?

Wow, can you imagine when we have human babies? *Insert excruciating eye roll here.*

We seriously love the little thing and we've been so impressed by his smarts. Let me know if you ever wanna meet him – I'll be happy to showboat him all around town. Or else, enjoy the million photos to come.

P.S. Have you ever high-fived about poop before? 🙌💩

Brandi Arnold