The One with Unreasonable Wants

BUDGET: $35k

We need an open concept with granite countertops, entertaining space for our 500 friends, 10 bathrooms, and 100 acres for our Yorkiepoo. 

That's me. Am I being unreasonable? Probably. Do I feel bad about it? Kinda. Will I still require ridiculous things? Absolutely.

Really though, Ty and I are entering that stage of life where we're looking online and beginning to consider our make or breaks for our first home. We've debated, decided, and debated again over the same minuscule details. But when you get to the core of what we need, it's simple – kinda:

  • tudor, cottage, or cape cod style
  • 3 bedroom
  • 2 bath
  • fenced in yard
  • not absolutely horrible kitchen
  • 2-car garage
  • less than $180k

It's not too much to ask. Unless you live in Lincoln where homes sell within 6 hours of posting for sale, and they sell way above the original asking price. Ridiculous, really. Some of you have been there before — you wait and wait, see one you love, sleep on it, check the posting again and it sold.

How did you deal with this? Did you just wait until your demands were magically met and the perfect home fell in your lap? Did you settle for less than what you wanted with expectations to move within a few years? Did you compromise one thing to keep another?

Bleh, all I know is I have a favorite blog to follow and I need to share it.

Image credit:  Chris Loves Julia

Image credit: Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia

By far my favorite home I've ever seen. The style is beautiful and simple yet unique to who they are. Their rooms are a good balance of light and dark, texture and flat, artsy and personal, trendy and timeless. There's a huge amount of re-sale value without compromising their style. 

They not only showcase the before and afters but also the in-betweens. I appreciate they share floor plans to help understand where they made huge layout changes. Or talk transparently about timelines. Some things take 3 years to fix and love, but often I feel bloggers play it off like it happened overnight.

I love this blog and could get lost for days reading everything on there. Seriously, I already have.

And don't forget their Instagram. I read every post in-depth and save every picture. No this isn't a sponsored or networking post — I'm not a real blogger who's considered for those kinds of things. I just really love this blog.

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