The Thoughtful One

Ty's working late tonight as he has a lot lately because he loves his kids at Malcolm and the love they show back to him. But tonight got weird when I was alone.

I started thinking sad things and it brought me to military wives who never know if their husband will come home. It brought me to those in the hurricanes wondering if they'll see their loved ones again. And it brought me to accidents and suicides. Those times when we're blindsided by something we never saw coming that take someone away unexpectedly and without goodbyes.

Tonight I give my heart to anyone who's had that feeling – when you get the call. I was there not too long ago and I promise it will get better. But you won't ever stop thinking of that person and I think that's how God intended it. And why he created friends and family and friends that feel like family. ♥️

Sorry for rambling. Thanks for reading.

And thanks to @dpmuller for these photos I'll always hold near, with a clenched fist.

Brandi ArnoldComment